Matvey Kuznetsov (1846–1911) - owner of the
enterprise for faience and porcelain production
"M. S. Kuznetsov's company".
The history of the M.S. Kuznetsov villas began in 1872 when Matvey Kuznetsov changed the name of the Kuznetsov’s porcelain and faience factory in Riga to "M. S. Kuznetsov’s company" after the death of his father Sidor Kuznetsov.

M.S. Kuznetsov extended the company inherited from his father, and he became the owner of seven factories. Kuznetsovs were granted the special right from the Russian emperor’s court as the award for their contribution – to use the state symbol – two-headed eagle – in their signet. The estate in Jurmala was owned by "M. S. Kuznetsov’s company", and his family with servants lived there for many generations. Even nowadays the M.S. Kuznetsov villas is brightly reflecting the luxury and historic trends of that time, not taking into account that more than 140 years have passed.
The villas are located in Melluzi, the historic geographical center of Jurmala in Carlsbad. Historically, this place had strawberry fields. Nearby is the restored Melluzi Park with a unique snail-shaped beach and a quiet white sand beach.

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