Matvey Kuznetsov (1846-1911) - the owner of the porcelain and faience products production company.

The history of villas dates back to 1872 when Matvey Kuznetsov changed the name of the Kuznetsov porcelain and faience factory in Riga to"M. S. Kuznetsov society". M.S. Kuznetsov expanded the company inherited from his father and became the owner of seven factories. As a recognition of the company's merits, The "Society of M. S. Kuznetsov" received from the Imperial Court of Russia a special right to use state symbolism – the two-headed eagle. Villas in Jurmala belonged to the" Society of M. S. Kuznetsov" and even to this day vividly depict the luxury and historical breezes of that time.
Villas are located in the geographical center of Jurmala in Melluzi, the historical name Carlsbad.
Nearby is our restaurant Della Mamma, as well as Melluzi park with a unique stage in the shape of a shell and a quiet white sand beach.


Villa by the sea


villa with a terrace

the rancho


An opportunity to rent luxury cars

(S-Class, V-Class, C-Class, BMW)


Our clients are kindly offered to use our bikes for rides by the sea or through the city. Moreover, we have electric bikes too.


From the airport or to the airport. With a previous agreement, there is also a possibility to arrange a transfer for your own route.


For the additional payment, we offer our clients training with professional players individually or in groups

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